In the heart of Stockholm, at Kungsträdgårdsgatan 18, is the restaurant Ricordi. In Italian, Ricordi means memories. Memories are what we want you to take with you after a visit with us. The food, the service, the conversation - all the things we experience together here. It's also where it all began for us, the memories we brought back from a journey that then became the foundation of the restaurant we have today. A gastronomic journey to Italy, from north to south, was what inspired us to open the doors of the restaurant Ricordi.

Our origins are therefore a given, Italy with food and culture at the centre. Classic dishes that we all recognise but with a modern twist that will make you want to come back for more. For us, the focus is always on the craftsmanship and we pride ourselves on the fact that everything here is made from scratch.

Daniel Carijn

Aziz Youssef
Operations Manager

Here we make everything from scratch

Ricordi is a contemporary modern Italian restaurant where we take the liberty of cooking from most of Italy. A bit "fancy" might say that our focus is on modern Italian gastronomy, but really it's no more difficult than that we cook the Italian food we love.

Craftsmanship is the focus and we take great pride in our fresh pasta that is kneaded daily. The menu has taken some inspiration from the vibrant bright and refreshing flavours of the Italian coast. 

There is a wide variety of mozzarella and creamy burrata, tartare and light fish and vegetable dishes. Another favourite is of course our sourdough pizza with its history in Rome. We bake it with Italian flour, both bianco and rosso, and top it with the best ingredients we can find.

Lunch of the week

Week 24


Steamed cod, asparagus, broccoli, fennel & browned sage butter


Ragu with veal, prosciutto, red wine, parmigiano, chili & garlic


bresaola, truffle mascarpone, scamorza & arugula


salad with roasted root vegetables, peach, balsamic & burrata

Aperitivo at Ricordi
- every Thursday

Now we are starting "Aperitivo at Ricordi" - a social and relaxed way to meet over a few drinks and snacks before the afternoon turns into evening. During this time we have extra attractive prices on Aperol Spritz, Negroni Spagliato, Prosecco both by the glass and bottle and a lot more. Of course, we offer some appetizing little bites just like in Italy. But most of all, Aperitivo is about socializing - so bring someone you like and we'll see you there.

Every Thursday from 14.00 on Ricordi

Interior with art

The restaurant's interior is designed by London-based Chalk Architects Ltd. They have drawn inspiration from vintage Italian glamour combined with bright and modern influences. The restaurant consists of three parts, the outer dining room with a bar, the inner dining room and a chambre separée in the basement.

There is also an outdoor terrace facing the Royal Gardens with sunshine from morning to night.

The outer dining room is a brighter nod to classic Italy, while the inner dining room with low lighting and dark wood panelling is more intimate and perfect for larger parties. Downstairs we have the wine cellar where private events can be booked but it also acts as an extension of the restaurant.

Three abstract ceiling paintings by Swedish artist Malin Gabriella Nordin run through the entire restaurant, both the inner and outer dining room plus the ground floor.


Welcome to celebrate 2024 with us. From lunchtime, the regular menu is served, and before the evening, the table is set for an Italian New Year's soup to be served later. The bar is of course open for champagne and bubbly New Year cocktails from lunchtime to late night!

Book our Chambre Separée

Downstairs you will find our Chambre Séparée, which can accommodate up to 18 people. Here you can invite to meetings and private dinners as well as to parties and parties! Welcome to contact us.

Want to know more?
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